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Special Interest Days

This year the format of our Special Interest Days is slightly changed. Instead of there being three lectures in all (two in the morning and one in the afternoon), this year there will be two lectures in the morning (with coffee in the break between them) and the event will end with lunch. Our Special Interest Days are held at the Riverhouse Barn, Manor Road, Walton-on-Thames KT12 2PF. Click the following link to find the location of Riverhouse Barn: http://www.riverhousebarn.com/home/find-us/

There are 2 or 3 SIDs each year.

Tickets are first available from the SIDs organiser's booking desk near the back of the hall two lecture meetings before the event; they are not available before then. The cost of the SID will be given when the tickets are first available for sale. Members may apply for up to two tickets each (for members only unless otherwise advised). Payment may be made:

a) by cheque made payable to The Arts Society Weybridge for the full amount of the SID or

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If you have to cancel your booking, please let the organiser know immediately so that if possible a replacement can be found from those on the standby list. Please do not arrange your own replacement. If your place is filled, a refund will be made, less a £5 cancellation fee, after the event has taken place. If your place cannot be filled, no refund will be made.

Wed 21st March 2018

Art Nouveau: Architecture and Design

Anthea Streeter (who lectured to us in 2017 on Thomas Heatherwick)

Booking dates 10th January and 14th February 2018
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Art Nouveau was the first attempt to create an international modern style. It had its fullest flowering on the European Continent during the 1890s. At this time progressive architects and designers renounced the tired formulae of historicism in favour of a ‘New Art’. 
The lectures begin with examples of Art Nouveau set alongside pieces from the following Art Deco period, so that a clear distinction can be made between the two styles. We will then look at how the English designers such as William Morris, Charles Voysey and Aubrey Beardsley were the first to break with the past. Influenced by nature, and the clarity and simplicity of Japanese artefacts, their work pointed a new way forward. We then consider how the various countries in continental Europe responded to the New Art, firstly looking at Belgium and France. Hector Guimard’s organic, plant-like forms for the Paris Metro as well as Rene Lalique’s naturalistic jewellery demonstrate the mainstream of Art Nouveau. The famous Paris World Fair of 1900 is highlighted.
Then we go to the USA to look at the exquisite glass designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany. The work of his contemporary, the American architect Louis Sullivan, is brought into context before we move to Scandinavia, taking a close look at the prevailing National Romanticism of Finland. Moving down through Central Europe, we finish the morning with Gaudi’s fantastical designs in Barcelona.
Then we will examine quite a different manifestation of Art Nouveau. This comes in the rectilinear forms of Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Scotland and his Austrian contemporaries, Olbrich and Hoffman in Vienna, closing with the Palais Stoclet, the Wiener Werkstatte’s design masterpiece.
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Studied the Fine and Decorative Arts in London and continued her studies at Harvard University. It was while at Harvard, where there was great enthusiasm for American design, that she became interested herself in 20th century architecture. Since returning from America she has taught on courses in Oxford and London, lectured on the Country House course in Sussex, and for several private groups around the country. Special interest in the architecture and design of 20th century.
Wed 24th October 2018

From Can-Can to Soup Can - The Story of Modern Art from Paris to New York 1850-2000

Linda Collins
Lecturer for Historical Royal Palaces, National Trust, Tate Modern and National Gallery. This SID has been delivered to another local arts society which gave it a top rating.

Booking dates 8th August and 12th September 2018
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We start in the Paris of 1850 – the lively city of cabaret’s, can-can girls and artistic bohemia. We follow the course of art from academic pictures, through the Impressionists, the Post-Impressionists and beyond, looking at how the thread of art leads ever forward towards the present. We go on to look at the huge number of artists in Paris at this time and at the lively life they lived there. We consider the five major art groups comprising the Ecole de Paris, the Ecole Francais, Purism, Dadaism and Surrealism. We leave Paris for this session with WW11 approaching and many of our artists departing for New York. Then we look briefly at the history of modern art in New York before rejoining our French artists in the city. We see how Peggy Guggenheim looked after her old French pals and introduced them to her New York set. The French artists influenced the New York based artists such as de Kooning, Rothko and Pollock. From Abstract Expressionism we move on to Pop Art before finishing the day with Warhol's famous cans - and some lively debate. Hence, 'Can-Can to Soup Can'. 
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Lecturer Historic Royal Palaces & National Trust. Freelance lecturer Tate Modern & National Gallery, London. Independent lecture organiser. Member of the Association of Art Historians. 

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