Entry to Whiteley Village is only by the North Gate, off Burwood Road. The main car park from February 2018 is changed due to building works at Whiteley Village; these works will last until about the end of 2018.

Enter Whiteley Village from the Burwood Road entrance. Proceed down North Avenue. When you come to a sign showing "Old Reedonians" and "Coombe Lane W.V.C.C." to the left, turn immediately left. After about 40 yards there is a turning forking off to the right; take this turning. As the road bends round to the right, there is an "L" shaped building on your right hand side. The roadway gets narrow and pot-holed. As soon as you come to some playing fields, turn left along a broad track/parking area, the entrance to the track is shown marked "E" on the map below. Halfway along this track/parking area is a pavilion marked "Reeds Weybridge RFC" to the right of the track. TASW main parking area is all along this track, both up to the Reeds pavilion and beyond it up to the point marked "F" on the map below. If necessary, there is overflow parking at the end of the track, exiting the end of the track to the right then curving round to the left, in the area marked "O" on the plan below. The TASW parking stewards will direct you where to park.

It is planned that two Whiteley Village minibuses (rather than the previous one) will run from the main car park to the Village Hall at about 10.00 am. These are available to all members.

If you feel you cannot manage the walk to the Hall, please apply to the Chairman for permission to park in the Sanctuary car park or on the roadside in South Avenue (South Avenue runs between the Sanctuary and the large roundabout). On lecture meeting days South Avenue has usually cones either side of the road, but members who have permission may park there irrespective of the cones.

Only cars displaying blue badges may park in the blue badge allocated area immediately adjoining Whiteley Village Hall..

There are separate parking arrangements for lecturers - please see Information for Lecturers section of this website.

TASW main car park at Whiteley Village. Traffic from Burwood Road approaches from point "B". "E" shows beginning of car park. "F" shows far end of car park. "O" is location of overflow car park.
Plan showing TASW Main Car Park, the Sanctuary Car Park and the Blue Badge Car Park