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9th January 2008
Mervyn Miller
Antoni Gaudi & the Golden Age of Catalan Architecture
13th February 2008
John Ericson
Wine Related Antiques
12th March 2008
Michael Howard
L.S. Lowry - A Visionary Artist
9th April 2008
Andrew Davies
Canaletto in England
14th May 2008
Chloe Sayer
Peruvian Textiles: Past & Present
11th June 2008
Sarah Searight
The Islamic Garden in Architecture. Paint and Poetry
13th August 2008
Hilary Williams
Wren's City Churches
10th September 2008
Rosemary Ransome-Wallis
Contemporary Silver. Its Development in the 20th Century
8th October 2008
Charlotte Clements
The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial: The Intriguing Story of Mrs Edith Pretty & Anglo-Saxon Treasure
12th November 2008
Denis Moriaty
Wilfred Owen: Poetry & Art of the 1st World War
10th December 2008

Sarah Lenton
Christmas at Covent Garden - 300 years of Christmas Shows at one of London's greatest theatres
Special Interest Days


5th March 2008
Peter Medhurst
Patience: Gilbert & Sullivan's aesthetic opera
1st October 2008

Christopher Chanter
Restoring Furniture: Practical Demonstration & Audience Participation


20th February 2008
The First Emperor - China's Terracotta Army (British Museum)
23rd April 2008
Stonor & Nuffield Place (Henley)
25th June 2008
Penshurst Place & Scotney Castle (Tunbridge Wells)
24th September 2008

Frogmore House & Dorney Court (Windsor)
Extended Visit





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