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11th January 2006
Rebecca Drew
Rembrandt the Rebel: his Life, his Times, his Tragedy
8th February 2006
Dr Anne Anderson
Beautiful Houses - Frank Lloyd Wright - America's Greatest Architect
8th March 2006
Sarah Lenton
Opera: The Melting Pot of Culture
12th April 2006
Hugh Cantlie
Sir John Vanbrugh: Dilettante or Genius?
10th May 2006
Hilary Williams
Wren's City Churches
14th June 2006
Peter Medhurst
Vermeer: The musical pictures (with musical instruments)
9th August 2006
Richard Morris
The beginning of the New Art of Photography
13th September 2006
Edward Saunders
The Treasures and Palaces of St. Petersburg
11th October 2006
Phillipa Barton
A Taste for Luxury: furniture of the Restoration Period
8th November 2006
Mary Acton
Paul Cezanne and his World
13th December 2006

Caroline Macdonald-Haig
Cut to Dazzle: The rise of English Cut Lead Crystal 1674-1830
Special Interest Days


1st March 2006
Jacqueline Hyman
Preserving the Fabric of our Inheritance
4th October 2006

Graham Tite
The Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel


26th April 2006
with Rosemary Baird, Curator
Glorious Goodwood
21st June 2006
23rd August 2006
Kew House and Gardens
20th September 2006

Clarence House and the Queen's Gallery


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