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Programme of Lectures:

12th January 2005
Peter Medhurst
Early German Romantics: The works of Weber, Friedrich & Goethe
9th February 2005
Tom Duncan
Life & Art in Georgian Dublin
9th March 2005
Marina Vaizey
The Arts of Bloomsbury: Living in squares, loving in triangles
13th April 2005
Neil Faulkner
Art & Society in the Greek City
11th May 2005
Svetlana Lloyd
History of Ballet & its costumes
8th June 2005
Jan Jefferson
The Amish People: Their History and Culture
10th August 2005
Barry Venning
The Turner Prize: Its History and Controversies
14th September 2005
Eveline Eaton
Piero della Francesca: Modern Painter of the Renaissance
12th October 2005
Nicholas Reed
Frost Fairs on the Frozen Thames
9th November 2005
Denise Heywood
The Art of Ankor Wat (Cambodia) & Dance, Silkweaving, Colonial Cities
14th December 2005

Denis Moriarty
John Betjemin: first and Last Loves of Architecture
Special Interest Days


30th March 2005
John Benjamin
A Jewellery and Gemstone Kaleidoscope
26th October 2005

David Battie
Fakes, Forgeries and Reproductions


15th June 2005
Henry Moore Foundation, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire
17th August 2005
Tenterden & Rye. A Guided tour by Dick and Dorothy Bolton
5th October 2005

Charleston Trust & Standen, East Sussex


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