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Archive for 2004:

Programme of Lectures:

14th January 2004
Douglas Skeggs
11th February 2004
Dr. Mary Remnant
Music and Instruments in Chaucer's England
10th March 2004
Elizabeth Gordon
Working Miracles at Assisi: the Basilica of St. Francis
14th April 2004
Dr. Ann Birchall
The Original Olympic Games
12th May 2004
Edward Saunders
Taj Mahal and Mughal India
9th June 2004
Ian Constantinides
Gilt and Gorgeousness - the Decorative Arts of the English Country Houses
11th August 2004
Karin Fernald
Fanny Burney - her family and friends from diaries and letters
8th September 2004
Rachel Layton Elwes
Dining in the Gilded Age
13th October 2004
Digby Hague-Holmes
Puccini: Ses Femmes Fatales
10th November 2004
Eveline Eaton
Henry Moore
8th December 2004

Andrew John Davies
The Victorian Christmas - A Celebration
Special Interest Days


24th March 2004
Peter Darty
Art Deco and its Influence on Design
27th October 2004

Janet Canetty Clark


16th June 2004
Royal Pavilion Brighton & Preston Manor
18th August 2004
New Arts Centre Sculpture Park & Salisbury Cathedral
6th October 2004

Guided by Andrew John Davies
East End of London & Docklands

Extended Visit 2004

20th - 23rd May 2004

Glasgow: Art and Architecture



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