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Archive for 2003:

Programme of Lectures:

8th January 2003
Louise Schofield
Archaelogical Adventures in Albania and Turkey
12th February 2003
Mary Bartlett
Church Interiors
12th March 2003
Peter Medhurst
The Musical World of Gainsborough and Zoffany
9th April 2003
Philip Banham
350 Years of English Transparent Painting on Glass
14th May 2003
Geoffrey Opie
The History of the V & A
11th June 2003
Dr. Paul Roberts
The Roman Art of Eating and Drinking
13th August 2003
Eric Shanes
David Hockney
10th September 2003
David Wynford Evans
William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement
8th October 2003
Nicholas Bagshawe
A Dealer's Story: Trying to Make a Living from the British Art Market
12th November 2003
William Forrester
Milord Abroad ... the British on the Grand Tour
10th December 2003

Dr. Paula Nuttall
The Christmas Story in Renaissance Art
Special Interest Days


26th March 2003
Mary Acton
Learning to Look at Paintings
5th November 2003

Jane Angelini
Kingdom of the Sun (Medieval Sicily)


12th and 18th June 2003
Waddesdon Manor. The Rothschild Collection
9th July 2003
with Geoffrey Opie
The V & A
2nd October 2003

with Jane Tapley
Theatre Royal, Bath

Extended Visit 2003

15th - 18th May 2003

led by Eveline Eaton


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