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Programme of Lectures:

9th January 2002
Jonathan Hinden
Verdi's "La Traviata": A Very Italian Affair
13th February 2002
Douglas Skeggs
The Viennese Secession & Expressionism
13th March 2002
Brian Cairns
The Arts of Venice
10th April 2002
Dick Bolton
The South East Brick by Brick!
8th May 2002
Daniel Snowman
The Culture Carriers - "The Hitler Exiles" and the Impact they had on British Artistic and Cultural Life
12th June 2002
John Benjamin
Jewellery from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth Taylor
14th August 2002
Ann Birchall
Journey through China's Past
11th September 2002
Joanne Kidd
A Love Affair. The History of Gardens through Art and Society from the Nile to the Seine
9th October 2002
Eveline Eaton
The "New" Berlin - Art & Architecture
13th November 2002
Valerie Woodgate
Four Centuries of British Art
11th December 2002

Janet Canetty-Clarke
A Celebration of Christmas in Music and Painting
Special Interest Days


20th March 2002
David Battie
The China Diviner
3rd October 2002
The Queen of Sheba: Treasures from the Yemen.
The British Museum



20th February 2002
The Wallace Collection
14th and 21st June 2002
Hatfield House
20th June 2002
St. Paul's Cathedral

Extended Visit 2002

10th to 15th May 2002

The Loire Valley


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