Zoom lectures
Due to coronavirus, like many other societies, The Arts Society Weybridge will be holding lecture meetings through Zoom. This is how you, as a member, can attend these lectures via Zoom.

What equipment do I need?
You need a desktop computer, a laptop, or a tablet. It should have an email application (eg Outlook, Gmail, Mail), and internet connection and a browser (eg Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer).

The email link
A day or two before the Zoom lecture meeting, we will send you an email message which includes a link (the link is usually displayed in the email in blue and underlined).

On the day of the Zoom lecture meeting:
The lecture will usually start at 10.30am or just after. You should aim to join the Zoom lecture meeting at 10.15am. So at about 10.15am, open the email message and click on the link. There are then usually three options:
"If you have Zoom client installed, launch meeting"
This means that if you have already downloaded the Zoom app, just click here to go to the lecture Webinar. Sometimes, if you already have the Zoom app installed, there will be another pop-up that says "Open Zoom meetings?" Just click "open Zoom meetings" to go the the right place.
"Otherwise, download and run Zoom"
This means you can click on this to quickly download the app, and then launch the Zoom webinar.
"If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser"
This is only available if you are joining from a desktop or laptop, and it means that you're able to attend the Zoom lecture via your internet browser (eg Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer), and without downloading the Zoom app. Your experience is not likely to be quite as good as if you downloaded the Zoom app.

It is recommended that you download the Zoom app for the best experience. Download the latest version of the Zoom app here -
https://zoom.us/download (Zoom Client for Meetings is what you need to attend Zoom lectures). On an Android tablet download the Zoom app from the Playstore, and on an iPad from the Apple store.

Basic Guidance during the lecture
  • Do not unmute yourself. The mute button looks like a microphone and it should have a red diagonal line through it. Tap on the microphone symbol if it hasn't. Otherwise during the lecture the whole meeting will hear your doorbell ringing, your comments etc!
  • Best to choose speaker view during the lecture, rather than gallery view.
  • Never touch the Share screen.
  • Don't record the lecture, our agreement with the lecturer is for the delivery of a live lecture only, and the lecture is the copyright of the lecturer.

Leaving the Zoom lecture
Leave the lecture by clicking/touching the red Leave button.

Q. I cannot hear the presenter or others in the meeting.
A. Check if your computer speakers are switched off.

Q. I cannot see the lecture.
A. Switch on Video. When OFF the camera symbol displays a diagonal red line across the symbol. Click on the symbol to switch.