Visits 2020

There are 3-4 visits per year which are sometimes related to one of the topics in the lecture programme.

Tickets are first available from the Visits organiser's booking desk near the back of the hall on two lecture meetings before the event; they are not available before then. The cost of the visit will be given when the tickets are first available for sale. Members may apply for up to two tickets each (for members only unless otherwise advised). Payment may be made:

a) by cheque made payable to The Arts Society Weybridge for the full amount of the Visit or
b) by online payment direct to The Arts Society Weybridge bank account. This is the same bank account to which annual TASW membership payments can be made. Please ask the Visits organiser for our bank details. Our Treasurer will recognise what the payment is for from the amount being paid and the date of payment. When buying the ticket, please tell the Visits organiser that you will be paying by online payment.

If the Visit is oversubscribed, members' names will be put on a standby list, in order of application. If the Visit is undersubscribed, places on the Visit may be offered to persons on our waiting list, or to spouses/partners of members, or members of other TAS Societies.

If you have to cancel your booking, please let the organiser know immediately so that if possible a replacement can be found from those on the standby list. Please do not arrange your own replacement. If your place is filled, a refund will be made, less a £5 cancellation fee, after the event has taken place. If your place cannot be filled, no refund will be made.

Parking on visits days

Burhill Golf Club has very kindly agreed to our members parking their cars for the day on the three days this year when we have visits. Please note:
1. We are permitted to park in the walled garden Overflow Car Park only, not in the Members' Car Park (even if you are a Member). Please see plan below showing the location of the Overflow Car Park.
2. The coach pick-up and drop-off point. From the Overflow Car Park, walk through the members car park, bear right along the Club exit route and the coach will be parked a short way on the left, just by the words "Exit to Burwood Road" on the plan below.
3. The permission is solely to park. We are not permitted to use any Club facilities, such as the bars, toilets etc, or enter the club buildings.
4. We are not allowed to put up signs directing our members to the Overflow Car Park.
5. Access to the Club is from Burwood Road. Coming from Seven Hills Road, take the second turning on the right after Whiteley Village.
6. Exit from the Club at the end of the day is shown on the plan below; this route leads to Burwood Road via Turners Lane. Do not exit the Club the way you drove in.

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Wed 15th April 2020

CANCELLED: Stratfield Saye (Hampshire)

"Stratfield Saye is a low and not very large house but warm and comfortable with a good deal of room in it" (Queen Victoria's Journal 1845). We will view the fascinating collection of paintings and furniture and see the wonderful Wellington Exhibition featuring his magnificent funeral carriage and charting his military and political life.
This visit £46 per person.

17th March 2020: This visit has unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Booking dates 8th January and 12th February 2020

Image: Stratfield Saye
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Wednesday 24th June 2020

CANCELLED: Lullingstone Castle (Kent)

The present Manor House and Gatehouse, which overlook a stunning 15 acre lake, were built in 1497 and have been in the same family ever since.


CANCELLED: The World Garden

On 16th June 2000, during his 9 month kidnap ordeal in the Columbian jungle, Tom Hart Dyke opened his diary and began plans for a garden that would contain plants from around the globe, this plan would eventually become "The World Garden of Plants"

17th March 2020: This visit has unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Bookings 11th March and 8th April 2020

Image: Lullingstone Castle

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Thursday 20th August 2020

CANCELLED: Farley House & Gallery (Sussex)

Lee Miller & Roland Penrose moved to the Sussex countryside to live at Farley's in 1949. For the 35 years that followed, they filled their home with a collection of contemporary art treasures and were visited by some of the key personalities of twentieth century art.


CANCELLED: Firle Place

Is an outstanding privately-owned country house in Sussex that dates from the time of Henry VIII but was substantially remodelled in the 18th century. The house, gardens and notable collection of works of art and porcelain are of national importance and will ensure a day to remember.

17th March 2020: This visit has unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Bookings 13th May and 10th June 2020

Image: Farley House (interior)

14th to 18th September 2020

The Art and History of Liverpool

Bookings 13th November and 11th December 2019

Please see details below of this extended visit.

Date: Tba

Committee only Visit

Venue: Tba
You are welcome to email The Arts Society Weybridge’s officer responsible for visits, Tony Collinson-Jones, at visits@theartssocietyweybridge.org.uk