The Arts Society believes that the Arts have the potential to enrich the lives of children and young people and encourages Societies to be generous supporters of Young Arts projects.

Since the foundation of TAS Weybridge 20 years ago a variety of Young Arts projects, mainly involving local schools, have been supported, together with a unique opportunity starting in 2009 to join with PACT (Prison Advice and Care Trust - previously known as the Send Family Link Charity) at
HMP Send, a women’s prison, and sponsor an Artist to facilitate art and craft activities at two special Family Days in the Easter and October school half terms each year.

PACT seek to make visits to prison a positive experience for children, whilst at the same time, enhancing the quality of visits for adults by giving them the opportunity to be with their children in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. We are grateful to Samantha Harvey, Artist, for taking over in April 2018 from Naomi Beavers, Artist, whom had over several years made this project the success that it is. TAS Weybridge will sponsor Samantha Harvey, Artist, again in 2020 at two special
Family Days at HMP Send on 26 May and 27 October.

Trails of Discovery and Memory Trails are a fun and interesting way for children to learn about the art, architecture and history of a local place of worship, historic building or locality, providing a valuable resource and legacy for years to come.

On 20
th May 2019 TAS Weybridge launched the first Memory Trail in the West Surrey Area at St James’ Church, Weybridge. The event coincided with the Weybridge Dementia Awareness Week and brought together residents from two local specialist care homes and pupils of St James’ School. This new initiative is designed for groups working with those who live with dementia and their carers to facilitate conversation and memories whilst visiting various stations around the church.

If you would like more information on The Arts Society
Young Arts or the HMP Send project, please contact the Young Arts committee member Val Shaw at ya@theartssocietyweybridge.org.uk