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Information for Lecturers

The Arts Society Weybridge (TASW), holds its Morning Lectures in the hall of Whiteley Village, located between Weybridge and Cobham, and uses the more intimate venue of the Riverhouse Arts Centre in Walton-on-Thames for Special Interest Days.

TASW monthly lectures are held at Whiteley Village Hall, Octagon Road, off Burwood Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 4EH. The hall seats 180 persons. (Special interest days are held at Riverhouse Barn, please see separate details below)

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Whiteley Village Hall
The map above shows the location of Whiteley Village Hall. Parking for the lecturer is adjoining the Hall and is part of the Blue Badge Car Park shown on the map.

Technical Facilities

The following projectors and other items are available at Whiteley Village; by prior arrangement they can be used to supplement the existing facilities (see below) at the Riverhouse Arts Centre.

Digital Projector:
A Sanyo PDG-DXT10  DLP technology 5200 lumen projector with a long throw lens. The projector can be linked to a PC or MAC on the stage via a CAT5 cable without loading any additional software.

We much prefer lecturers to use our laptop PC, but we will accommodate a lecturer’s own PC or Mac if the lecturer insists.
A second Netbook pc is used to display notices before the lecture and to act as a backup.
Both computers run Powerpoint and have USB sockets for the transfer of the lecturer's files.

Computer Control  and Pointer:
A Kensington SI600 wireless presenter is available to advance or reverse slides of a Powerpoint presentation

A separate laser pointer is available.

A large screen approximately 8ft x 16ft (2.5m x 5m) is used with the digital projector to display an image 2.5m high by 3.3m wide.

A lapel radio microphone is provided for the lecturer. A small pouch to hold the transmitter is available if the lecturer has no convenient pockets for the unit.
A handheld microphone and floor-stand is normally deployed for use by the Society’s Chairman.

Public Address Amplifier:
TASW deploys an amplifier and two stand mounted loudspeakers for speech reinforcement.

Loop System:
The signal is connected to the Hearing Aid Loop system in the Whiteley Village Hall.

Audio (Music):
A 100W stereo Hi-Fi amplifier and Hi-Fi speakers are available to connect the lecturer's CD or other audio source to play music. Interface cables connect to mono or stereo RCA phono outputs or 3.5 mm stereo miniature jack.
The signal levels accepted are from either a standard 100mV line or a low impedance speaker or headphone output socket (as available from most CD or MP3 players and notebook PCs).

The height of the lecturer’s lectern can be adjusted. It is fitted with a reading light (adjustable brightness).

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Projectionist's View of Whiteley Village Hall

Whiteley Village Hall

Please note that all matters relating to the arrangements for lectures in the Whiteley Village Hall must be made through the Programme Secretary or another member of the TASW committee.

Travel by Car:
For location, please see the maps near the beginning of this page.
The address is:
The Whiteley Homes Trust, Whiteley Village, (entrance on  Burwood Road), Walton on Thames  KT12 4EH.

Travel by Train:

The nearest station to Whiteley Village is Walton-on-Thames on the line from Waterloo. There are 4 trains an hour from Waterloo to Walton-on-Thames. For example, as at October 2017, the 09.12 am train from Waterloo arrives at Walton-on-Thames at 09.37 am, and Whiteley Village is about 10 minutes drive from Walton-on-Thames station. Arrangements can be made for a member of TASW to meet the lecturer at the station.

Access and Parking:

A car parking space on the left hand side of the Hall is reserved for the lecturer. This allows for level access through double doors to the auditorium.

Description and layout:

The Hall comprises a stage, auditorium and balcony. The stage is about 4ft (1.25m) above the main (flat) floor.
The screen is erected on the stage with the lectern on the right hand side (as viewed from the auditorium)
The Amplifier and Projectors are deployed on the balcony.
180 (approx) seats are arranged in straight rows in the auditorium with a central and side aisles.


The Hall is fitted with blackout curtains which are normally closed during the lecture.
The house lights are controlled from the wings on the stage by a TASW member.

There is a washroom/WC in the wings of the stage.

Projector set-up:
The equipment is deployed by the TASW Audio Visual team. Adjustment of the zoom and focus etc are made my a member of the team during set-up.
The lecturer's files are normally transferred via a USB memory stick to the "Desktop" of the pc on the stage.
Having a back-up copy of the files on a second USB memory stick is highly recommended.
The lecturer is requested to use an initial "Title" slide which can be shown while he or she is being introduced; the Society's notices having been shown prior to the formal introduction (this provides a final system check immediately before the lecture commences).

Amplifier control:
The microphones are normally switched ON un-muted prior to the lecture by a member of the TASW Audio Visual team and the volume / mute controlled at the amplifier on the balcony.

The upright piano belonging to Whiteley Village can be used by prior arrangement only

Riverhouse Arts Centre (venue for Special Interest Days)

Please ensure that all matters relating to the arrangements for Special Interest Days (SID) at the Riverhouse Arts Centre must be made through the SID organiser of the TASW committee.

Travel by Car:
The address is: Manor Road, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 2PF. There is a car park to the rear. For a location map please click

Travel by Train:
The nearest station to Riverhouse Arts Centre is Walton-on-Thames on the line from Waterloo. Arrangements can be made for a member of TASW to meet the lecturer at the station.

Access and Parking:
There is a car park behind the Arts Centre. There is level access through double doors to the auditorium.

The facilities at the Arts Centre are provided and managed by their staff.

Projector Digital:
The Arts Centre can provide a Digital Projector on prior notice.

The normal screen is for a single projected image. A larger screen can be deployed by prior arrangement. The TASW screens are too large for the venue.

Lapel microphone and a handheld one are available. More information about the Riverhouse Arts Centre is to be found at www.riverhousebarn.co.uk. However please note that all communications regarding arrangements for Special Interest Days must be made via TASW.

For queries concerning Audio Visual matters, please email av@theartssocietyweybridge.org.uk

For queries concerning Special Interest Days, please email Anne Gregory-Jones on

For Programme queries, please email Stephen Hayes on