to be held at 10.00 am on Wednesday 9th October 2013 at Whiteley Village Hall.

Coffee will be served from 9.30 am.


1) To receive apologies for absence.
2) To approve the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 14th September 2012.
3) To receive the Committee’s Report on the activities of the past year.
4) To receive the examined Accounts of the Society for the year to 30th June 2013 and the report thereon.
5) To elect Officers and Committee members of the Society.

a) In accordance with the Society’s constitution, the following WDFAS members have been nominated for election to the committee as Officers:

i) Stephen Hayes - Chairman
ii) Joanna Collinson-Jones - Vice Chairman
iii) Margaret Waghorn – Treasurer
iv) Richard Stocks – Secretary

b) The following WDFAS members have been nominated for election to the committee as committee members:

i) Paula Stocks – Membership Secretary
ii) Diana Payne – Programme Secretary
iii) Ann Smith – Visits
iv) Gilly Baker - Heritage Volunteers & Young Arts
v) Margaret Sears – Special Interest Days
vi) Julia Justesen – Meeting Arrangements

6) To elect Michael Rothera as the Independent Financial Examiner of the Accounts of the Society.
7) To consider any Resolutions of which due Notice has been given
8) Informally to discuss any other business with the permission of the Chairman

Next Annual General Meeting – 10.00 am Wednesday 8th October 2014 at Whiteley Village Hall

The AGM will be followed at about 10.30 am by Edward Saunders’ lecture on “Sale of the Century – Collection of Charles I”

Committee report 2013


I would like to thank our committee members Jo Collinson-Jones, Margaret Waghorn, Richard Stocks, Paula Stocks, Julia Justesen, Elvira Spary, Jennifer Rothera, Margaret Sears and Gilly Baker for all their hard work over the last year. Also Whiteley Village for the use of their hall. Also Mike Rothera for continuing as Financial Examiner. Also Yvonne Walker, Liz Moore and Sylvia Webber for helping to serve the refreshments at our meetings, and the parking stewards for their work, and last but certainly not least the AV team for all the hours they have put in and for their skill and perseverance.


WDFAS has had a good year, membership numbers are strong. The average person on our waiting list waits about a year. Our membership database has been simplified and reorganised by transferring it from Microsoft Access to Excel. We encourage members in various ways to join our committee. For example the committee recently had a “committee only” visit to Sir John Soane’s Museum which was enjoyed by all. In June we had a successful garden party for past committee members and their spouses etc which was well received in spite of iffy weather. We regularly invite past committee members, helpers etc to lunch with the speaker after lecture meetings.


Our regular questionnaires, committee assessments and verbal feedback would indicate that the standard of our lectures is pretty high.


We have had one or two technical problems, and the AV team has spent a lot of time and skill identifying the cause of the problems and resolving them.

Meeting Arrangements

We continue to enjoy this convenient and attractive location for our meetings. To a certain extent this is dependent on members adhering to the parking requests made by the management of Whiteley Village.


We had one special interest day in March entitled “Pulling Pictures Apart” given by Alexandra Drysdale, and this was well received. There is another a week after the AGM to be given by Anne Anderson and entitled “California Dreaming”.


We had a visit in April to the Ashmolean Museum & Oxford University Press, another in June to Godinton House and Doddington Place, and a visit in August to Chichester Cathedral and Pallant House Art Gallery. These have all been very well attended and enjoyed. We are grateful to Brooklands Museum and the Oatlands Park Hotel (and before them, Mercedes Benz World) for allowing us to use their car parks free of charge. There is also our extended visit in September to Emilia-Romagna which has been so popular a second identical trip has been arranged for October to accommodate more of our members who wished to go.

Young Arts and Heritage Volunteers

It is difficult to find suitable heritage volunteer work, Elmbridge Museum has no more work at present, we have been trying to set up an arrangement with the Whiteley Village museum but nothing has come of this to date. Our Young Arts work, on the other hand, has been most successful. As Gilly Baker explained at our May lecture meeting, we are continuing to support Send Family Link and in April she and Liz Moore went to Send Open Prison where we provided an artist to enable the mothers at Send to share an artistic activity with their children. There will be another similar event at the end of October when Gilly and Liz Moore will be attending. The aim for the future would be to have two or three such half day sessions a year.


We have not had any large items of expenditure this year, and we have a comfortable cushion in our reserves.


Stephen Hayes, Chairman, on behalf of the committee

September 2013


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MINUTES of the fourteenth Annual General Meeting held at Whiteley Village Hall, Walton-on-Thames KT12 4EH at 10.00 am on Wednesday 9th October 2013 (to be approved)
Present: 151 members and Edward Saunders (lecturer).

1. Apologies for absence and welcome to members
In welcoming members to the fourteenth Annual General Meeting of Weybridge DFAS, Stephen Hayes, Chairman of the Society, recorded that apologies for absence had been received from 14 members. Formal notice of the meeting was given in the programme card issued to all members. As last year, the agenda for the meeting and other papers had been emailed to all members who had registered an email address, and copies had been posted on the website and displayed on the notice board. A limited number of hard copies had been made available at the meeting. The Chairman explained that all resolutions had been proposed and seconded and that voting would be by show of hands.

2. Minutes of the thirteenth Annual General Meeting
The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 12th September 2012 having been made available to all members, Michael Moore proposed, and Michael Rothera seconded, and the members present voted unanimously by a show of hands that they be approved.

3. Committee Report
Stephen Hayes presented the Committee Report which had been made available to all members.
He said that the committee had worked hard to make serving on the committee more attractive to members. There had been another self-funded committee-only visit, this time to the Sir John Soane Museum; invitations to join the speaker for lunch on a rotation basis; and, a garden party had been held for past and present committee members and partners. Meetings were not necessarily held every month, and there was normally a three year limit of service. The committee were particularly interested in members with computer or audio-visual skills. The current committee enjoyed their work. It was encouraging that this year a number of members of the Society had said that they would be prepared to serve in the future.
There being no questions, Jim Gordon proposed, and Francis Waghorn seconded, and the members present unanimously voted by a show of hands that the Committee Report be approved.

4. Accounts for the year to 30th June 2013
Margaret Waghorn, Treasurer, presented the accounts which had been made available to all members. She said that the Society was in a good financial state. There was a lower surplus than last year on visits, due to the difficulty of estimating numbers and therefore price. The aim was to break even, and it was a great tribute to Jennifer Rothera that she had organised such successful visits, and, for part of the period, Special Interest Days over the last three years. Lecturers’ fees were up 13%, but this was in part due to ensuring that we had top class speakers. The costs of social functions represented the Christmas mince pies and wine, the drinks for new members, and the garden party for past and present committee members and partners. The Young Arts contribution to the Send Prison childrens’ day had been increased by £400. There being no questions, Richard Stocks proposed, Jennifer Simpson seconded, and the members present by show of hands unanimously voted that the accounts be approved.

5. Election of officers and committee members
Four members submitted nomination papers to serve as officers on the committee for the ensuing year. Jo Collinson-Jones briefly took the chair and noted that Stephen Hayes had been proposed as Chairman by Joanna Collinson-Jones and seconded by Liz Moore, and the members present voted unanimously by show of hands that Stephen be elected. He then retook the chair of the meeting, and first paid tribute to Jennifer Rothera, the retiring visits secretary, for her hard work and enthusiasm both for visits and Special Interest Days over the last three years, and presented her with a bouquet. He also thanked Elvira Spary, who had previously been programme secretary, for stepping into the breach and fulfilling that role with quiet efficiency for the last two years, and presented her with a bouquet. Stephen then introduced in turn the officers and committee members standing for election, asking each of them to stand and be identified.
Three other members had submitted nomination papers to serve as officers on the committee for the ensuing year, and these were individually proposed, seconded and unanimously elected by a show of hands of the members present.

Proposed by:
Seconded by:
Joanna Collinson-Jones
Vice Chairman
Stephen Hayes
Rick Gardner
Margaret Waghorn
Richard Stocks
Clare Mitchelmore
Richard Stocks
Caroline Gardner
Marjorie Tarring

Stephen Hayes continued with the election of committee members. Six members submitted nomination papers to serve on the committee for the coming year and were proposed, seconded and unanimously elected en bloc by a show of hands of the members present.
Committee Members:

Proposed by:
Seconded by:
Paula Stocks
Sylvia Webber
Eveline Eaton
Diana Payne
Programme Secretary
Shirley Bolsover
Margaret Sears
Ann Smith
Jennifer Rothera
Paula Stocks
Margaret Sears
Special Interest Days
Joanna Fraser
Myra Bradley
Julia Justesen
Meeting Arrangements
Nigel Yallop
Carole Ferris
Gilly Baker
Heritage Vols & Young Arts
Susan Trotter
Alex Miller

6. Financial Examiner
Stephen Hayes said that Michael Rothera had kindly undertaken to continue the role of financial examiner. Tony Collinson-Jones proposed, and Liz Moore seconded, and the members present voted unanimously by a show of hands that he be appointed financial examiner of the annual accounts for the ensuing year.

7. Next AGM
Before closing the meeting, Stephen Hayes told members the next Annual General Meeting would be held on 8th October 2014.

8. Vote of Thanks
Jennifer Simpson offered a vote of thanks to the Chairman and committee for their work during the past year.